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The backstory



Hello everyone my name is AMIT for years i didn't know what to do with life where i was going to go or become with guidance and support i decided to launch this business. i always prolonged things but i always knew i wanted to give back to my community so with hard thinking i decided to make lip products. this just the beginning of a new era its ironic cause my lips were chapped and i was insecure until i had my own lip product.

i encourage you to be confident all times

with hope and happiness dreams can come true and i believe in all my supporters in clients everyone has a purpose in this lifetime no matter what age you are if something is meant to happen it has to happen but always remember to stay true to yourself.

the definition of feeling powerful

with great force and energy . my purpose of launching this business is to make sure all my clients when they walk in they feel like a boss and with these glosses it will give color pop not everyone wants to wear a lot of make up i remember my mom always had a lipstick and eyeliner and she was good to go and same with my friends and family . well now its my clients turn your turn to shine .

my final thoughts

live life to the fullest and your dreams can come true

Buy Now .

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